Monthly Archives: July 2013

How typical is this rubbish to US soccer sport’s writers? I’m yet to read soccer commentary manufactured in the US revealing any in depth knowledge of this sport or its dynamics. Attempting to write and/or report on soccer by replicating baseball commentary, in my opinion falls short of the target. While Matt Eliason’s  bicycle-kick was wonderful to watch, no knowledgeable soccer sport writer having in-depth knowledge of soccer would have gone as far as to write that the world’s best player was upstaged by an amateur. Moreover, it would be nice if this so-called sport reporter would have taken the time to find-out about the actual charity Messi has been dedicated to and helping, because speaking at least for myself, I don’t rely on local sport writers for soccer analysis. After months of promoting this match in Chicago, a major US market, only 20k fans showed-up to see the world’s best player, which substantiates the fact that soccer hasn’t arrived yet to the US marketplace.